My schizo love bug is losing it and I feel so stressed

Okay so me and Todd got a hold to some meth few years back that gave us both schizophrenia. I take meds, and I’m doing so much better, but he is struggling. Wants to see a neurologist and have his whole body scanned in a MRI to get the ‘receiver’ they put in him out. Frustration is my normal mood when that gets brought up. I feel so powerless. He has an awesome job that is soooo helpful, I was about to put a down payment down for a car finally and now he can’t hold it together at work. I guess we’re going to the hospital in the morning and tell the truth about what’s going on with him. I told him to be completely honest that the doctors are there to help. Lord please let whatever medicine they give him work!!

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Good luck tomorrow.


I hope it goes well.

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