My roommate

My roommate has serious issues. He pulls passive aggressive stuff to try to get people to flip out/attack him so they get kicked out of the home. With me, he wakes me up at 5 or 6 a.m with a blaring radio…He hurls random insults he wants people to think are for no one in particular.
One time I was looking at him and he said “I was talking about Bim.” Bim will be my code name for my friend.

He has literally said threats and insults aimed at Bim, with him in the room.

But it’s all good. He was only talking to himself after all. He never seems to take any responsibility for any of his behavior.

He’s been here years and will probably be here his whole life.

He seems to be more set at doing whatever he can to insure I don’t leave here the right way than that.

I would be really frustrated with that. I’d want to say something and let him know I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior. But as you said he doesn’t care. So frustrating!

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Thank you very much for your input @Pianogal.

It is frustrating. The supervisor/care coordinator does seem to take things seriously, but maybe there isn’t much he could be punished with, aside from removing creature comforts or banishment, which would both seem like too much.

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The supervisor/care coordinator got him to sign papers to the effect he will give up his radio if he continues to misuse it. So my sleep has been pretty good to great.

I have had a roommate a few years back he was addicted to meth and he was Schizophrenic ---- Everytime I cleaned he would do something stupid like mixing ramen noodles with salad dressing and spaghetti, he used to blast music all night long and Leave the door open, he stole my wii and all my games to his drug dealers — he never took his medication or showered, he would draw on the wall and bother me to score meth on my phone, always bugging me for rides — he used to put my clothes on in layer and shred the bottoms ---- he also took my pills, I started looking them up in my safe ---- I became paranoid he would blurt out something about being high that he would be arrested and id go down with him…
He was bad news…

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Jeez that sounds terrible. It was suggested I get a roommate when I’m out of here.
I’m definitely going to live alone with friends and a canine or feline for company.

Tbh I’m afraid of making close friends outside of here because of them finding out about my living situation.

By here I mean the home.

Yeah living alone with a cat or a good job is best In my opinion

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So now he’s taken to coughing and snoring loud at 5am or 6am.

I’ve seen him drop his head and close his eyes in group and within 30 seconds start up. That’s not how snoring works.

Or he coughs when people he doesn’t like enters the room.

Sometimes when his snoring has woken me up in the past, it has an unnatural cadence and sounds forced.

I bleep you not too, sometimes he wears a do rag on his head under his ball cap and looks like a total tool. Not because he’s too old for that, nearly anyone looks dumb that way.