My roommate is a monster

She is mentally so ■■■■■■ up i dont know what to do…living dead.

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My roommates mother said to my rommate that she was never in her belly and that she never gave birth to her…but noone else did that either…

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I think when my rommates mom died she lost her mind.

Have you considered talking to your therapist about your troubles with your roommate? I find that I love being able to vent to mine. I mean how awesome is it that he has to listen to me no matter how boring I am lol.

My roommate before is too lazy going to school.She was proud to say that she has been kick out from school. I told her mom about it for I was concerned about her behavior, but her mother didn’t listen and for Pete sake she calls me liar. I am so glad that I have managed to move out of the that apartment.

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