My romantic life, hopefully


Are you dating?

You can’t just sit around and wait for someone to fall into your life,

You have to put yourself out there.


when my soul m8 appears i will know her

My wife is at her parents this week. She left me a honey-do list. I’m kinda wishing it would grow wings and fly away.


I wish so many women would stop throwing themselves at me. Geeeez, I’m not a rock star or anything.



(I promise this is a sentence.)

I would love to marry someday.

I want a gothic style wedding.
I’m not a satanist but that’s my favourite style and throw in a hippie after party.

I wanted to marry my x in SA but he won’t take me back and we were not so sexual but he is the best man I ever met and for that I can go without sex.

The best sex I had was not stable enough for me.

I want a stable partner.
I rather they have stability and are cool and kind and respectful to me and be able to make love in intimacy n ecstasy but even share a laugh sometimes.
If my future partner is vegan that is a plus.
There are not many vegan men around though.
The few vegan men get treated like rock stars by vegan chics wanting them.ha ha ha

I would date a meat eater but want someone with a stable home.
Don’t need or want drama like I had with last x that made himself homeless.

Was pretty perfect home with x n girls but had to be true to myself and leave to become vegan.

I might join a dating site.

Don’t know if I should try dating woman.
I have been attracted to women but have never had real sex with a woman only once when I was drunk and crawling and she was a prostitute that dominated me and she got paid but I didn’t get paid as I was not a prostitute and I didn’t know till I saw men give her money.
I was so drunk and it was easy to dominate me but it was tacky and I was not attracted to her.
She was a yucky behaved person.
Much worse than me.:open_mouth:
She was cruel to me.

I might join dating site .

I want someone lives close to me somewhere I can easily drive to.

I want to be treated well.
And I want to treat him well.

I miss my x and girls and home so much but since he will not take me back I guess I will date others.


That’s a pretty intimate sharing; thanks.

I get involved in sex and romance some times.


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Don’t expect a prostitute to be nice. They’ve been screwed too many times, literally and figuratively.

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Weddings are a waste. Just elope and put that $$$ into a house.

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@velociraptor or the honeymoon

If you’re doing the honeymoon right you’re not going to see much more than a bedroom anyhow. Might as well own the bedroom.


@velociraptor when your partner and yourself don’t have much of a drive I think it’d be nice to have a nice honeymoon (yes I am still dating the same guy since May)

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