My review of TMG/betaine

I got tmg supplements about a month ago. I started taking 500mg once in the morning. Sadly, after 3 days I developed a chronic headache.

I decided not to take anymore and left it for a few days.
Then after a few days I decided (as I was just about to throw the supplement in the bin) that I would try them one more time.

Well, I’m glad I did. I took another 500mg and waited to see if I got a headache. Sadly, I did get another headache, but this time it wasn’t so intense. So I thought I’d stick with for a few more days to see if the headache subsided even more…and it did, the headache was much less intense.

So I carried on taking the supplement for more days, and to my surprise, the headache was not there. I wondered why this happened.

So I researched betaine and found out it detoxes your liver and body. Maybe that’s why I got these horrendous headaches?

I also found out beetroot’s detoxify your liver and body. To my surprise, beetroots contain the highest amount of betaine/tmg. I honestly wasn’t even searching about betaine in beetroot, it was just coincidence.

So I bought beetroot from my grocery and now add them to smoothies and salad sandwiches and burgers. I also take the betaine supplement as well.

I don’t over do it though.

I like it a lot.

When I first took it I feel I was hyper focused to the point of migraine headaches. Now I’m focused more, but without the headache.

It’s been nearly a month I think. I’m gonna see how I feel later in the year.

So all in all I give it a thumbs up.


And besides beetroot is delicious

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It’s also one of the richest sources of folate. It’s like a double wammy.

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I also had a great dream last night.
Not sure if it was betaine related, but I haven’t had good dreams in years.


Betaine in foods[12]|Food|Betaine (mg/100 g)|
| — | — |
|Wheat germ|410|
|Lamb’s quarters|330|
|Wheat bran|320|
|Canned Beetroot|260|
|Dark Rye flour|150|

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I’m gonna get eating more quinoa as well.

I woke up feeling so refreshed and in a good mood, brilliant mood.

Concentration has improved. Could it be the betaine?

I can see how this works for depression. It takes about a month for it to fully work for me.

we take super beets powder, 15 bucks a tub from WalMart.

since we both smoke, it’s said to put more oxygen into your body,
could that mainly be why your headaches subsided?



Could be.

But I haven’t taken beetroot in days and still no headache from the betaine.

I’m trying to figure out if betaine competes with other amino acids. I don’t want to deplete any amino acids , so I take it in the morning with food, and then the rest of the day I get the rest of amino acids from food.

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I don’t recall getting these effects from food like I do the supplement. I’ve eaten a whole loaf of bread before and never got the same effect, I think.

I think other amino acids compete with with betaine so that’s why the supplements work better?

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it’s kinda like a racket, isn’t it?

I find the higher mg. dose of supplements costs much more,
like they’re trying to say it’s more effective.

Pharmacy told me no fish oil of any kind on psych meds.
so now I’m just D3.

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The pharmacy told you not to eat fish?

What do pharmacies know about fish and psyc meds interactions?

I’ve never heard that before.

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no, just fish oil supplements.

they did look it up, idk, some kind of database.


Thanks for letting me know.

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I think the supplements just have a higher concentration of The good stuff.

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