My repeat prescriptions have changed. Pregabalin and quetiapine being tighter regulated?

My gp practice has a website where you can reorder repeat prescriptions. Each prescription is for 8 weeks worth.

Anyway I am unable to simply request pregabalin and seroquel online. I have to get my request checked by a doctor. It is called a special request. I can do this over the phone.

Was just wondering why pregabalin and quetiapine have changed status. I have never abused prescription drugs so that can’t be it.

I am wondering if these meds are getting abused generally in my area? It is a hotbed for prescription drugs on the black market. I do know pregabalin gets some folk high. Never heard of quetiapine being abused but I suppose each to their own

i have a drawer full of pregabalin but i dont want it and i dont know what to do with it, guess i could take it back to the chemist.

did you not stop taking it J?

In some areas, prisoners have known to abuse quetiapine in prison.
Here in the States.
Don’t know about Europe.

Here as they progress, they are watching all meds you take, even tylonal 1

I just googled it and found people are getting ‘high’ from taking one pill of quetiapine. I found this stunning as I spend my life not wanting to take an antipsychotic and people are paying for this stuff.

I was on a quetiapine depot for awhile and the last thing I wanted to do was take it.

Isn’t it amazing that loads of people want to take drugs to hallucinate and yet we spend our lives taking meds to stop hallucinating? I too, in my younger years was a stoner and absolutely loved the stuff, but to take an ap for fun really confuses me!

I used to have five full bottles of xanax in a cubard and tons of trazadone stuffed away i hate meds , im on seroquel and have to get refills through my psychiatrist every 4 weeks

I see a psychiatrist, 2nd year resident, ever 4 months. She electronically transmits a prescription with 3 monthly refills of seroquel and Haldol.
I live in usa.