My random thought for tonight

I wish I could feel insignificant, I always feel like I’m important & the world is watching/listening. I do escape sometimes but I hardly notice before I’m back under the microscope. Anyone else feel that way?

that’s edging towards delusion I believe…i don’t watch t.v. because I always start thinking it’s about me.

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I’ve had times that people have responded to my thoughts, so I know people can read my mind. I can’t get over it, so I always feel like I’m under a microscope.

Well your right it is delusional however that is part of my life & also sometimes it seems worse than it really is. I am self aware most of the time just feeling extra delusional tonight I guess

Yes I remember having this happen to me and I totally figured out later that they can’t read your mind I was delusional. I gained insight.

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@MPgee you don’t have to be delusional at all…tell your pdoc everything you tell us on this forum…he can help you get more stable.

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I don’t have delusions all the time @jukebox when I am at the dr.s I get stressed & my memory & composer is gone. I rarely can remember anything negative to mention im just afraid of switching meds cause I have before & tried several others a few years ago without success I turned very delusional/manic & I don’t want to go through that again.

try my med that I am on…generic prolixin…fluphenazine, 10 mg twice a day…I lose weight…I have sex…I feel great. and I’m stable as far as I know…

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