My question about psychiatric drugs

sometimes when i watch the videos about APs/AD, they always say their action is by blocking the synapse of the neurotransmitters/ receptors , but i wonder how can it be proved because there is no microscope with very fine resolution to see that these chemical compounds are doing these jobs in our brain. Also , i wonder how can we see our brain in neurons’ level that there are so-called neurontransimitter in our brain? is there with a such device exist that we can see the pictureof these neurotrasmitter doing their jobs?

arent all of them are just hypothesis? i would really really hope to see a photo that depicting that these chemical compounds are blocking the synapse /receptor.

ap’s are a blunt, broad device. My schizophrenia was caused by chronic abuse during childhood which caused dysfunctional brain development & gene expression during my developmental years & became permanent.

I recently went to an academic lecture where the professor/researcher presented his research findings on adult survivors of child abuse who’d ended their life & he’d dissected their brains. At question time, someone questioned, can you treat these dysfunctional brains? He said, “only bluntly, generally. we can’t target the cause specifically. That has a long way and a lot of research to go.” Therefore, we only have ap’s. They are blunt. They cause weight gain, obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes, all of which are unintended side effects. Plus, I don’t find them particularly helpful in treating the positive symptoms of my schizophrenia.

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i just wonder how can these hypothesis/assumption like the picture i uploaded can be proved ? are there microscope /any device to show these evidence or are they just pure guess?


btw , wt Aps are u on?