My purpose in life is to bring order out of chaos

As much and as often as I can.


Excellent goal, we all should think like that

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Try to find the light in the darkness :slight_smile:

That’s it emotionally. My comment was more about mental initiative. But your comment is just as valuable.

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Of course, some of that chaos is in my own head. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I Have Found You Can’t Bring Order “out” Of The Chaos.

Because There Is No Order IN The Chaos.

That’s Why It’s Called Chaos.

Unless You Want To Organize A Plan To Analyze Each Frequency Of It’s Wavelength.

Then Call It, Ocrhdaeors. . . . . . .

I should say bring order to chaos. But chaos was order at one time and then disaster struck.
If the chaos is a messy house, one can get order out of it by cleaning up, back to its original.


.<.><.><.>~The Truth Beyond Truth’s Truth Breathing Truth Inside Of Truth~<.><.><.>.

I had never heard of it - it has a definition I don’t understand. Will you explain?

From chaos, arises order. This just seems a scientific reality. Otherwise, none of us would be here

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Okay. Now Stop For A Moment. And Think About How That’s Entirely Impossible.

The Reason It’s Called Chaos, Is Because It’s Chaotic. There Is No Actual Order In Chaos Which Is Why (Once Again), It’s Chaotic. Order Doesn’t Arrive From Chaos.

The Foundation Is Order. It Becomes Chaos. There Is No Order In Chaos.

Thee End And Such.

And There Is Some Uneducated Science For You.

Come On Guys I Didn’t Even Graduate From High School. . . . . . .


Nice Topic Title By The Way.

I’m Sure The Theater Is Looking Nice These Days. . . . . . .

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When you get older, fantasy takes up more time as ability diminishes.


And What Is, Dear Sir/Madam Your Hopefully Hopeful Contributing Factor (???).

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I’m a girl. I hope to pitch in and help more when I see trouble, my own or other’s. There are a lot of people out there who’d rather see me be helpless for their own sadistic reason. I hope to ignore them.

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Hang in there @chordy , you are doing great

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I’m Confused, @chordy…, What Does “matriarch” Mean (???).

The eldest. female on the forum.

And You Are Doing Superb @dcragg65!.

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