My Public Letter To Mad In America and its blatant money worship

Long before I became floridly psychotic, stepped foot in a psychiatrists office, grudgingly took on a label, took on a prognosis, filled a prescription, and swallowed a pill — decades before I read anything from Whitaker or Visited his web site — My Parents KNEW and I Knew, that drugs were not the answer to my issues and problems — because We Knew the problem is not really any individuals but more so a societal problem …. a political\social\ideological\spiritual problem that involves everyone NOT JUST ME AND MY FAMILY!

I have been taking anti-psychotics and other medications for the last 15 years. Of course I am addicted to them both physically, psychologically, and increasingly spiritually. It has gotten so bad that medications interfere with everything from sleeping to remembering names and a whole host of information recall.

The reason I finally got on them WAS THERE WAS AND STILL IS NO REAL HELP!

It’s fine and dandy to preach to the myriad of psychotics in the world that drugs are not the answer we all know that already. It’s sweet to come up with drug titration plans and get professional advice about how to reduce and eliminate those chemicals from your diet BUT if a person is not able to afford or is in a geographical location where obtaining REAL HELP is not around, or does not have a family of investigative reporters in their circle, has to research for five long years, playing both sides of the arguements only to come up with the realization that psychosis is a resolvable condition, ONLY TO DISCOVER you can not afford it or the REAL HELP is somewhere else than where you are and it takes money and effort all of which has been robbed from you to get that HELP….



I’ve already had posts edited, deleted, and been kicked, devoiced and banned from numerous forums and chat rooms for simply questioning and questioning the dogma of “drugs for life” and you want me to quit the chemicals that make me acceptable to my community, workplace, church, and family!

I already go to NAMI club houses and 3 doctors have a peer mentor! I go to recovery meetings when I really don’t want to recover, I WANT TO TRANSCEND MY FORMER LIFE.

I can’t reach the help. I don’t have enough money, I can’t take time off of work, its not in my area, and the areas that help is located is in places I can’t afford to live in unless I start doing nefarious ■■■■ with my time.

I am not alone in this, most of OUR people are in this situation.

So rattle on about how the drugs are the problem, and point out far flung solutions to the problem that the majority of us will never be able to obtain while your donation fund builds and you decide on what to do with the money.

Fighting for help has damaged me. Do you realize how I have destroyed my reputation on line and in my real life circles, first asking for real help, then trying to get it for others even knowing its not going happen for me. I drove me to drink and smoke endlessly, all the abuse I took for the last 5 years. I’m traumatized, in worst shape than I started out.

God damn it, WHERE THE ■■■■ IS THE HELP.

I’ve finally got to the point I can’t work any more or support myself, I wen’t to a disablity trial with ■■■■■■■ lawyer and psychiatrist destroyed my case because I have history of alcohol abuse …. WHY! What caused that alcohol abuse? I went to AA for a decade! My psychologist wants to testify that I am not a chronic alcoholic. WE ALL KNOW! But those in power Don’t Want The General Public Too!

Why the ■■■■ are you preaching to the choir and coming up with drug titration programs when YOU KNOW that is not the SOLVE, it doesn’t resolve ■■■■!



IF You want to REALLY HELP PEOPLE, stop taking donations, get up and ■■■■■■■ move to where the help is need the most! Do the grunt work so those us alone in the trenches don’t feel like we should just cave and ■■■■ the bed because God is never coming to save our inbreed drunken shrunken heads or our asses in the hills, parries, forests, or pharm lands where Trees silently scream to build Log Temples of Truth and Liberty, Communities not conversations, based upon the sharing of all things and the realization of ever dream of good prophet and mad woman, every witch and shaman, every soldier that fights monsters and questions every day, am I one, or have we won.

Don’t come alone, bring a buddy. They’ll rip you apart if you come alone.

The meds we have now aren’t perfect, but the right one for you can definitely help. Hopefully sometime in the near future they will develop more effective drugs, but for now they aren’t even completely sure what causes schizophrenia. You just have to keep calm and carry on.

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Meds are a valid solve to a certain extent. Your never going to find a pill that solves the human condition or even a biotech remedy. Humanity being humane, that seems the real mission concerning the human condition. Or would like like to endless argue that point like a troll I don’t think you are?

Why do you think human beings have mated like rabbits and are over 7 billion strong on this planet, is it just so we can all digest a chemical widget to solve the dillemmas we are faced with as a dominant species? I have felt and have thought that our condition is more about we are not willing to do than what we are willing to do, it is not really about maxing out the genetic platform anymore or refining it or drugging it, it is simply about apply a work ethic in our own lives that translates for the greater good of all, despite the person risks and reputation costs acquired.

What is the problem? Ask that. Dive.

What is the solution? Ask that. Come up for error.

Who, what, where, how, why am I? Ask those questions.

Argue both sides as a warrior, Then Come Home.

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