My psychic experience

In 1982 when I was 21 and I first got sick I was living in Soteria House. About that time my sisters had gotten into seeing psychics. One day they invited me to go down with them to Carmel to a “psychic fair”. Carmel is a relatively small town on the coast of California. The only way you guys may have heard of it is because in the eighties Clint Eastwood was elected Mayor. And a famous blonde actress lived there after quitting the movie business. It was Kim Novak, or Doris Day or Stella Stevens; some famous blonde old-time actress. Anyway, this fair was a a group of psychics who all got together in one large room in a building and gave readings. I believe there were people there who read Tarot cards too. Now I might have been at my most delusional but I didn’t believe any of it for a second but my sisters were both big believers. So we got there and the psychics were all sitting at tables along the outer edges of the room giving readings. My sisters went to several. I didn’t want a reading but my sisters talked me into talking to some female lady who was giving free readings. All the rest charged money. So I sat down and the lady looked at me for a little bit.You have to remember I was psychotic and delusional but nobody could tell. The lady tells me; Quote: “You are a leader. You have great potential to perfect your musical instrument playing”. And she said a few other things which I don’t remember. But she couldn’t have been more wrong about EVERYTHING. Sad to say, I am NOT a leader and I have no musical talent. This reading did not help my skepticism. It just made me laugh. I just think those people are full of it. Their only talent maybe is reading peoples body language and appearance the same way you can spot an ex-military man or a dancer for instance. Good guessers from the way people dress and carry themselves or act. I’ll give them that. But they are NOT predicting the future or reading minds or (the most famous argument of believers) really telling you stuff about you that they couldn’t possibly know except through the magic of their “psychic powers”.


Yeah psychics are bs.

I’ve had two main experiences with psychics that were very different.

The first psychic I met worked in the bar area of a really neat restaurant in Dallas. She used her real name. She was a kind older lady. She told me things about myself that I was amazed she picked up on just by reading my palms. She told me I had had “fairies around me” as a child, which was very true because of my hallucinations and whatnot. There was a bunch of other stuff too that was highly specific and would have been a strong coincidence if she had been faking. She even knew I had been involved in spiritual/occult matters. She charged 5 bucks for her services, and by the end she liked us so much that the next time we saw her she read us for free.

My second experience with a “psychic” was a lady in my town. She called herself Ms. Crystal. She charged 40 DOLLARS for Palm reading. 90 dollars for tarot card reading. She told me absolutely NOTHING aside from hints I fed her. Then she told me one of my chakras was clogged and I should sign up for her chakra clearing sessions, which were like over 100 dollars per session. I left feeling totally cheated out of forty bucks and never went back.

You can just tell the real deal from the fake. If they use a stage name and charge a crap ton, I can guarantee they’re 100 percent fake. Likewise anyone you can hire is fake, like from those dumb companies.

Don’t about psychics if they are real they are prolly telepathic.

Carmel is cool though one of the nicer places I been I like Monterey also I use to live in Red wood City when I was a kid.

I’ve been through Redwood City a million times. I’ve never lived there though. Almost met my demise there a couple times.

How that happen?

It’s too graphic to write the whole story here. But It involved drugs, hookers, and ex-cons. The bare-bones story is that I met and hung out with these strangers for three days and I promised I would give them a ride to their town of Hayward. When I had to tell then I changed my mind, things got ugly.

That sucks man haven’t been back for years but I guess theres a lot of bikers and meth.