My Psychiatrist says that I can come off my sz medication in 3 years from now

He says he would like to give me a chance and see how things go from here.

I have been on amisulpride 200 mg since 2021. Before that i was on olanzapin 10 mg.

Was diagnosed with sz in 2015 and been to psych wards until 2019.

2019 was my last psychotic episode.

So have any of you come off of your medication under the supervision of your psychiatrist ?

What are all the things I need to know ?



How does your doctor know you will be well enough to take off meds in three years?

Seems like an odd thing to say.


Taper very slowly. Too big shocks in meds will mess with your brain and make symptoms worse.

You need to taper so slow that it is annoying.


I have been off APs for almost six months. Slightly elevated positive symptoms, but I can handle them. Insight is strong.

Too long of a list to type on a phone. Will try to get to this later.

They were gradually lowering my dose of Haldol, I think to see if I could function without a major tranquilizer in my life. I was taking ephedrine, drinking large amounts of coffee, and doing moderate exercise. I got myself pretty amp’ed up doing that. I didn’t sleep for a week. So, we were having a family get together for Thanksgiving, and I was pacing back and forth, fuming about death and destruction. It destroyed any fun in the occasion for all my relatives. They had to send me back to the hospital and put me on olanzapin. A word to the wise. Coming off antipsychotics can be dangerous. Don’t play with your med’s.

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I dont want to come off im terrified of another full blown psychosis i get voices on meds

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If not a psychiatrist then who else can i trust in this situation ?

Besides that psychiatrist has been treating me since 2015. So I would trust him more than anything.

Also he says that we can take a chance and see for my situation… he says that this is the normal procedure.

If everything is fine then alright if not then i would be back to the psyche ward after some destructive situations as usual.

I think it’s worth taking a shot because I don’t want to be on an ap forever.

Yes he said he will do it very slowly.


Sure take your time :+1:t4:

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Good luck with it! I hope it works out.

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I think some people are better off than others my voices want to kill me and off meds they can control my body screw that

Continue taking your medication buddy… do some meditation along with that

Absolutely 15151551

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Hello @shutterbug,
Slightly off topic here, although still related I think - can I ask how long you were on them before stopping? I guess I’m looking for some inspiration/hope as I’m also looking to come off them. (Intolerable side effects plus the fact that I should never have been on them as long as I was has lead me to this.)

About thirty years. We get sick gradually and we recover gradually. There are no shortcuts.


I was on them 10 years before stopping and then 4 months to go back on them.

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Thank you! 1515

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I came off of olanzapine under my psychiatrist’s supervision

Yes I came off medication under the supervision of my psychiatrist when I was in high school. I ended up dropping out…being off medication is similar to how anti-depressants like Buspar and Wellbutrine make me feel which makes me wonder whats so special about Abilify; if its a clue that I have moreso Bipolar1 than Schizoaffective. SSRI’s and other anti-depressants also induce insomnia and hallucinations for me. It first happened to my mom when she was put on Prozac. Many years before she was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia, she had major depression.

I hope it works out for you!! The times I was off abilify were fine for awhile. But stressors can be harder to manage with mania. So my advice would be to have a written relapse/crisis plan… and pay attention to the 6-month mark; that’s when the symptoms began to worsen after stopping the meds.

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