My psychiatrist says my attitude had problem

my psychiatrist think my attitude had problem on the last appointment when i asked him
I actually wanted to tell him change my medication and give me hope,but i don’t tell him that out of fear of rejection and i imagined that he telling me"The mediation wont change your life,you need to do something"…

i cried at the appointment,its really stressful for me of recent,thinking that i couldn’t function and am not doing very well at work,i wanted to become happy and positive person by working the hard way,but it seems i lost the motivation,i failed to overcome setbacks,i really did tried hard,really…

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i tried changing my attitude,by self-help,its really a lot a lot of effort,but i cant see the results,really…

I think you should open up to your psychiatrist about your need for hope and about your feelings about your medication. He/she cannot help you properly is you don’t open up. Give him/her a chance to help. If you find that a couple of months after opening up you still don’t have a better understanding, then you could try looking for another pdoc.

Please give your dr the chance to help you. I know for myself when I opened up it not only gave me hope that my dr could possibly do something. But it gave me hope that I was capable of doing something different. You know that old saying…if nothing changes then nothing changes. I understand the effort. You had the strength to reach out here! Baby steps! I believe in you!

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It’s the type of thing you could get a clinical psychologist to help you with!

That being said motivation problems and apathy are know to be “negative symptom” of schizophrenia.

I take omega 3 fish oil and their are some posts about amino acids helping with “negative symptoms” too!

It might not be that simple, but at least attitude is something you can control. You don’t have to turn into the Mahatma Gandhi of optimism, just adjust slightly. Maybe start thinking of one thing you are grateful for before you go to bed each night. Then try to notice one thing of beauty in your day. You can achieve your goals with small steps. Adopt a sense of wonder like a child.

i am using moodtracker now,i am tracking my mood,anxiety and irritablility,maybe I will have reasons to tell my psychiatrist about medication…

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