My psychiatrist just told me this morning I have Schizophrenia

I have no ideas on how to deal with this information

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Don’t get caught up too much on dx. I always say “Look at symptoms, Treat symptoms, and live your life.”

When I finally admitted to myself I had schizophrenia or schizo-affective, I got way too caught up in the diagnosis and it drove me madder. But now I don’t even think about me being SZ. I treat my symptoms that I have and am pretty happy living one day at a time as a result.


Have courage because you 'll need it. I hope everything goes well. You can talk here and share your thoughts or problems whenever you want, we are here to listen to you.


Sorry you got hit with this information.

It took me a while to come to terms with my diagnosis as well.

Some advice I can offer… don’t accept the doom and gloom prognosis that SOME doctors still hand out.

I’ve had some docs tell me I’d be too ill to hold a job… to ill to ever live on my own… too ill to take care of myself… all rubbish. I do have a job… live in my own place (with my kid sis for now) I am back in college… I do take care of myself.

I bet you’ll be able to live the life you want too… it will just take a different path… but you can still get to your destination.

Good luck and I’m glad your here.


Just don’t look too hard at the dx. They treat the symptoms, not the illness.

Sorry bro.

Wanna talk symptoms?

One of my first symptoms was looking at the clock at 3 repeatedly.

If you’re like me it will become part of your identity. If you feel symptoms acting up check resources online on how to deal with them, that will usually ground and reassure you. If you are started on antipsychotics, you might want to pay extra attention to your diet as to not overeat and gain unwanted weight.

With proper treatment you can live a normal life, I’ll tell you right now that the biggest hurdle to my recovery was my pot smoking, so if you like to toke it could have irreversible consequences…

Good luck and hang around, you can learn a lot on how to be a better person from having this illness. :blush:

Welcome aboard.
Have a look around.
We’d like to hear how it’s going for you too.

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Thanks you all.

My cat and I are coping. I’m also complying with medication treatment. I knew something was awry.


sorry for your loss, and as they say in a gourmet pizza parlour in Dublin, welcome to hell

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mad hatters disease is worse :tophat:
take care :deciduous_tree:


How old are you? Is this something which had gotten worse in the last couple years?

Welcome. How to deal with the information? Read about it, hang around here. You will find that a lot of us are very much like you. It’s not the end of the world.

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sorry @autumn

that really sucks

we’re here if you need to talk

insight into this disease is a good thing

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Focus on your symptoms not the dx. This is a great site for information and support!

I wish I had found this forum when I was diagnosed. All the comments here are exactly the correct attitude!

I was told I had Sz via a letter from my doc. That was hard, because no questions could be asked. Its important to put anything thats on your mind to rest and get reassurance from your doctor. Fight your case too! It may be a misdiagnosis.

Schizophrenia is a terrible sounding word, but it is just a “class” of illness. Many people get better from it. Never forget who “you” are.

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Sorry to hear that you have sz autumn! :disappointed: I’d be careful about who you share information about your mental health issues with irl. People can be judgmental jerks! Sometimes I think there’s less stigma to having HIV then a mental illness. Atleast your kitty will not judge you! :smile: