My psychiatrist is actually helping me

It’s something I can’t take for granted. I’ve doubted for 34 years whether psychiatrists and therapists actually help at all. I saw the same one from 1983-89 and I would be hard put to think of anything he said that helped me. But you know how this psychiatrist helps me? He bolsters my confidence.
He tells me:
I’m a good guy/person.
I’m smart.
I’m equal.
I’m doing OK.
It’s actually sad that I need an outside person to tell me these things.But it’s better that someone tells me these things than to go every day feeling worthless, helpless, and just generally like crap.’
I need help. So what.
The so-called winners out there in life are actually getting help all the time. But my help is honest.Those guys get help by playing on peoples weaknesses and preying on good people.Who’s more honorable? Me or them?
Maybe if I had never gotten schizophrenia I would have ended up like them. But I do have schizophrenia.


yeah, thats great your psychiatrist is helping you, my p/doc never really helped much when i was over medicated, i don’t think there was anything he could have said that would have helped, i was totally brain dead like a zombie, i think when you are like that then there is nothing they can do really except monitor you and keep in touch with your care team, i kept saying about my focus and nobody would listen.

We can all use a little or a lot of help. We are all equal.

Your psychiatrist is right. You are all of those things.

I look up to you. Seriously… when I first came onto the old forum… the section I started reading first was “work and school” I remember thinking… what in the world? School? Sz doesn’t go to school… we can’t.

But then I read a post by you about your school and getting into classes and on-line stuff that you were taking as well as holding down a job and your own place. Your the one who told me about some of the ins and out when registering… Thank you for all that.

I also remember the post you made about cooking. You just whipped something up with frozen shrimp and you had a full meal in just a few minutes. I really wanted to be able to do that.

Honestly… The idea of school did not cross my mind until I read about other peoples success on the old forum. I really miss that subsection. I mentioned the idea of school to my boss and he mentioned that studying anything that relates to my job will help me get further up the ladder.

I’m in my third quarter now. Barely graduated high school… can’t believe I’m doing well and enjoying college.


I love my psychiatrist. And I think anyone could be a doctor. Even now, you could if you wanted to. But find what you love and do that. Whatever it may be.