My psychiatrist hid ED caused by risperidone

I tried having sex for the first time when i was becoming paranoid at 20 years old and i couldnt get hard any way even by physical stimulation, and i thought it was anxiety. So after my first episode I went to paychiatrist and told her and she just made a note and didnt sag anything, so i went on so far by making an appoinment with urologist and he prescribed ED pills that didnt do anything besides increasing my heart rate. Then i thought it was testasterone and I got normal results. So i started finally to think it was due to medication and then i found this forum and read also side effects of risperidone. My doctor caused a lot of shame and anxiety by letting me telling a bunch of doctors in my town saying i have a limp dick. Thanks to med change everything is back, even full ejaculations. Some doctors say that having libido and ability sex doesnt matter, but i say otherwise because that what mostly makes a man and a woman having attraction and one of the main pleasure in life, or am i wrong?


It does matter for most. Psychiatrists ignores it thinking it can put us in trouble, it can but rarely.

I heard certain APs get prescribed for indecent flashing and nymphomania

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Yea when I was in mental hospital there was 2 men who were walking nude and security stopped them. One guy came to my room nude at night but me and my roomate yelled at him, he went back to his room. Its crazy, glad that I am not like that but my libido is too high naturally and gets me trouble with the police. I am happy that Risperdal 4mg reduced it.

They got bigger concerns honestly. I guess you could try Viagra or something.

I got sick in my prime (22). I was an Italian Stallion literally. Now, iā€™m sort of a gimp lol.

It can cause depression and low self esteem. I agree though.

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