My psychiatrist had poverty of thought and speech

He must of. I saw him for 5 years and he didn’t say a dang thing; I just went in and blathered for an hour and he just sat there looking at me silently. Maybe he was shy? Or on drugs. if he was on drugs he should have told me and I would have helped him. Maybe he was trying to make me mad. I dunno. He had a rough childhood and he was taking it out on me? I couldn’t figure him out. Maybe his wife wasn’t giving him sex and he was speechless about the whole situation. I wonder if he was a football fan.

My psychiatrist wasn’t engaged with me also. I think it is part of their strategy for therapy. The patient is supposed to project his conflicts onto the therapist and resolve his psychological problems like that. I think psychotherapy can be pretty punishing to psychiatrists because they catch the brunt of all of the patient’s dysfunctional emotions. Personally, I was always reluctant to project anything onto my psychiatrist because I thought my emotions were too violent.