My psychiatric team all want me on clozapine

Ive tried all the different AP’s but to no avail. I have been on clozapine twice before but white blood cells went too low in to th red and i had to stop

But now my psych team is pushing me to go again

One good thing i found about clozapine is the negatives are not so bad

But what are the bad things about clozapine, can you fill me in

Im in mental hospital right now, most of the patients are on clozapine but no-one likes it, people wants to stop it but they are forced to use it as it has been once started as their med, it haves tons of negative side effects. Its most effective for psychosis but side effects are most horrible. They also tried to put me to clozapine but i denied it. I have watched finnish language documents from clozapine and some people say this kind of drugs shouldnt be avaible and it have destroyed their lifes, as i have heared lot of horror stories, one patient died here in same ward to it where i am now, one patient got pacemaker.

I think its horrible drug.

It caused hectic 16 hour a day sleep sedation for me, and excessive drooling, and once I wet my bed in hospital. Didn’t cope with side effects well so got switched to risperidone

My son is on it and it has changed his life for the better. Check out the team Daniel website for meaningful recovery.

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