My provider out muscles me vocally

I start to shake when she’s angry. Even when she’s not upset with me. I feel faint. I need her. I know she helps me a lot and she isn’t going to hurt me. But I don’t like being shaken up.

Is she a therapist? I don’t think she should be displaying anger when working with you, whether she’s mad at you or not. You should feel calm and safe in sessions.

She’s not a therapists. She runs the adult foster care home I live in. And believe me, she has reason to get angry at us at times. But sometimes it’s not fair. She’s only human.

I’m sorry. Is there any way to build a relationship between the two of you? Feeling shaken is stressful and I don’t like the idea if someone living like that.

It’s not all of the time. The storms do pass and then we get along well. It’s just that I lived alone for so long that I’m not accustomed to the give and take necessary for group living.

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