My promotion is official

My pacemaker has a liquid cathode primary lithium power cell, so the Duracell answer is more accurate than you probably imagined.



CONGRATS @velociraptor! That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!


Nice one, @velociraptor!

I took a course on life insurance. I was going to try it part time. I couldn’t pass the course exams and gave up. Good on you.

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amazing!!! great work and it looks like your employer agrees!! 17% pay increase is awesome! Treat yourself to something nice, too!
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Thanks all for the support.



Congratulations @velociraptor !

That’s great news!!! Way to go!

Alright! Good news @velociraptor! Good luck in your new job title.

Congrats :tada::star: @velociraptor

Sorry for the delay, long day at work and I still have to sneak a few more hours in tonight in order to have tomorrow off. Here’s what has worked for me:

  1. Take meds as directed, even when you don’t like them, unless you have an adverse reaction.
  2. Follow direction from your doctor. Do what you’re asked to, but remember that you can ask to have your treatment modified to suit you better.
  3. Be completely honest with your pdoc. Hide nothing. The things you least want to talk about are the ones you should bring up first.
  4. Meds are a partial solution at best. If you’re not combining them with therapy and CBT you’re not giving yourself a full shot at recovery.
  5. Understand that your illness will actually present about 25% of the problems in your life. The bad habits you’ve developed because of your illness will create the other 75% of the problems in your life. Identifying and fixing those bad habits will give you the elbow room and energy you need to cope with the remaining 25% of crap caused directly by your health condition.
  6. Understand that energy spent bemoaning what you’ve “lost” or can no longer do is energy not being directed towards discovering what you can do, and do extremely well. Everyone of us has plenty of good choices left if we can just get off the couch and go on the needed adventure to look for them.
  7. Don’t take someone else’s word for what your limits are. Find out for yourself and make sure you test them hard. Odds are they’re better than what everyone else told you they would be. Don’t get old without testing your limits, that’s a crime.
  8. Keep a recovery journal. Use it every day if you can, several times a week if that’s what you can manage. You’ll learn from it over time. It’s also very helpful to share with your treatment team.
  9. There’s no magic bullet for mental illness. Prolonged recovery requires prolonged effort. You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and work your promontory off to get to where you want to be. People who wait for the magic bullet (that specific med or therapy or unicorn something something) have all died miserable and still waiting in my experience.
  10. Invite failure. Falling on your face or ass will teach you things you didn’t know, but absolutely need to. At the very least it will teach you humility, endurance, and hopefully, perseverence. Friggin’ GO. FOR. IT.

My 2 cents.



Sweet, congrats!!

There’s a lot of wisdom and Sound Advice in your list. Thank you for that

I helped my former husband pass his insurance board exams a million years ago in the very early 1980’s. He didn’t have any success or luck in sales of insurance though because his skin was a different color than all his clients. He tried door to door sales selling other things too but he couldn’t make it for the same reason.

It wasn’t until he decided to hide his skin color behind a phone doing all telemarketing that his sales career took off like a rocket. Largely because although he doesn’t look like his clients, his voice sounds exactly like them without any trace of an accent.

He recently retired on his own self made fortune in telemarketing.


Valuable advice. Every last word of it!

Good going! Also sage advice.

I’ve been brutally honest with my therapist and psychiatrist lately since gaining more insight into my thoughts.

Great advice @velociraptor


Seems Highly Illogical.

Not Too Mention Irrelevant.



Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. You Might Wanna Think It Over. . . . . . .

Not to those who have developed a growth mindset. Fearing failure is illogical to us.

I’ve yet to see you post a single item of worth in all your years here, so back at ya.

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