My promotion is official

I’ve had sort of a weird zombie promotion since the beginning of the year. I was in the role and doing the work, but no title, not able to tell anyone I had the position officially, and no official pay increase (I had a bump to the pay packet, but not the full bump as it turns out). Got the Senior Insurance Advisor title yesterday, signed and returned the contract, and also have the 18.5% pay increase which is retroactive to Jan 1. The next paycheque willl be a bit fatter, alright.

Feeling good, especially since I had a year less at the company than the required five years of experience they wanted for the new role, and I beat out other Insurance Advisors with more than twenty years in.

This machine eats neurotypicals.



Hey congrats!! :slight_smile:

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wonderful news. best of luck to you in your new position. judy

Gratz. :clap: that’s really awesome.

Good going! 15152515

good news never gets old.

yay, for you.


Great you’re getting recognition like this at work.

Feels great getting the official title.

I know how frustrating it can be from my experience working a job above your station.

Good luck @shutterbug I am rooting for you

That’s great! Congratulations. :+1:

@shutterbug Very well done.

I’m super proud!

Congratulations on a nearly 20% increase and a sweet new title.

Congrats mate :slight_smile:

You deserve it !

Congratulations @shutterbug . I am also find a vehicle allowance to site visit as same amount equal to my salary in this month.

Nice that you are being recognized for your excellent work and stability within that company. I like that new job title as well.

I’m called a Shipper/ Receiver Clerk at my shipping company. That’s the title you are given when you aren’t really good at anything…but they have to call your position something.

Go out for dinner! Celebrate with your wife and Squirrelette! :slight_smile:

congratulations @shutterbug =)
well done

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

Well done matey. Such a nice thing and well deserved. Keep on keeping on!

Congratulations on the promotion and the substantial pay raise @shutterbug

Your employer is lucky to have you and I’m glad they recognize your value and contributions to the company.

Mr Squirrel

What keeps you going mate?

Don’t say “I run on Duracell batteries”. I’m waiting for an honest, well-thought answer.

awesome dude !! as always you never disappoint…good for you sincerely !!

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Sheri, I guess you need to pronounce it. Look at all these hits.