My prolactin has dropped

It was high and still is, but it’s falling. My latest blood test shows a 9% reduction of Prolactin in my bloodstream - and this is even before my 25% reduction of Amisulpride I enacted on Friday

I am so happy with this.

Really don’t understand why Amisulpride is not in north America.

My body has always seemed to be prone to side effects, but this has so far been a mild side effect profile bar prolactin, whereas others have really done me damage.


That’s excellent news… :slight_smile:

Let’s hope it keeps dropping

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You changed your name back!?!?!?!?

I am pleased about this too as I like your name this way as it has always been to my knowledge

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I didn’t even know what ludacris meant until after I changed it to that. I prefer to be a butterfly than ludacris :s

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You didn’t know he was a singer lol?

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I think this name is cool enough to stick with

My username used to be my real name and I had to change it as my mother found a thread I posted and recognised the photo as well

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I did know that yes so I thought it meant something cool :laughing:

@FadeToBlack ah that sucks. Yea I remember you mentioning that before actually

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How much exactly is your prolactin in ng/ml ?

I don’t know about the measurements you put there but it’s 1100 instead of 1350

well mine is 1489 and i only take amisulpride 150, i just started the med 1 month ago. Maybe it will drop ?

I have been on 800mg for two years and it went high, stabilised and then now is dropping. I am now reducing down to hopefully 200-400mg or maybe 0mg

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are you in north America? Do you order it?

ah okay I see…prolactin test

I am in UK


Yea my prolactine was around the 3500 mark and yes I have boobs now.

What meds caused 3500 prolactin?
I am on 4mg Risperdal but never measured prolactin.

This was a few years ago it was a high dose of paliperidone injection also made me gain 45kg fark ive lost over 25kg of that so far switching to a low dose of haliperidole.

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