My present digital piano repertoire

Variations on a Sea Chanty, by Anonymous; Minuet in G Major, by Christian Pretzold (J.S. Bach), Ave Maria, by Franz Schubert, Tell Me Fair Ladies, by Wolfgang Mozart, Nocturne Op.15 No. 3, by Frederic Chopin.

I pretty much got all these 5 pieces down pat. I’ve been playing them throughout the lockdown. My teacher is on leave for the covid virus. I don’t know when or if he’s coming back. He’s past retirement age.


Have you ever tried Scarlatti sonatas? Some are very technically challenging but not all. And they sound good, at least to my ear.


Sounds like some good progress. Are there other teachers around you if your old one doesn’t come back?

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Yes I’ve practiced his material although I don’t remember any specifics.

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I don’t know. Something tells me teachers are going to be hard to find.

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Yeah, sonatas for harpsichord by Scott Ross, great recordings

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Why don’t don’t you chose to play something more difficult? More complex, more beautiful.

Chopin is unrivaled when it comes to musicality and some of his works are quite technical too. I think @SkinnyMe is doing just great. It makes me feel ashamed that I stopped practicing.

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