My practical exam is Thursday


@LouiseG I passed! Only a 77% but I still passed.


Great for you. Good job. :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:


Congrats @Hanna_Foxx ! I hope you have a well and prosperous career


Congrats on the pass


Congratulations @Hanna_Foxx! :confetti_ball:


Congratulations :tada::balloon:


YOU DID IT!!! Woohooo!! Hip hip hooray!! Yaaayy! Enjoy all the feelings - proud, accomplished, exhausted, excited! Yippee! You are an inspiration! Brave and strong!


Now I just have one externship day left(tomorrow) and a two page paper and thats it! I’ll be done with school on the 11th. I never thought this day could come


Wow! Absolutely incredible!


That’s amazing @Hanna_Foxx! Congratulations!