My poor new oven!

So tonight I made Greek marinated chicken breasts. With my old oven, I didn’t need to cover the dish. Well, with this one the oil in the marinade went everywhere! Ugh! It didn’t burn luckily, but what a mess! I have to read up on the right way to clean this oven. It’s new and not restaurant quality, but considering my income level, it’s a very nice, high quality oven. I’m so bummed this happened.

Good news though - the chicken tasted great!


Keep at it, I’m sure your cooking skills are appreciated.

I’ve never had an oven that didn’t run hot personally. I hate cleaning them.

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just buy that oven cleaning spray…forget the brand of it…but it foams and cleanses in about thirty mins of sitting on the surface you just wipe it off…presto.

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Thanks @agent101g . I cook dinner every night and have never done this to an oven. But I’ll make sure to cover marinated chicken or other marinated foods from now on.

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Do you know if it’s safe on all ovens?

yes, it just cuts through tough dried on burn stains and stuff…totally safe…you can wipe it off later with just kitchen cleaner afterward if you want…and then a coat of water.

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Ok. It’s not burned actually believe it or not! It just splattered everywhere

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just mr. clean might take care of it with a brillo pad.

Yeah, “Easy-Off” oven cleaner, it works well but make sure you get the fume-free version or else it stinks.

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A barilla pad would ruin my oven. Can’t do that

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Ok. I’ll check it out @WhiteRaven . Thanks!

If it isn’t burned on I would just used some Dawn and a sponge to scrub it, then paper towels to clean it out the rest of the way.

Don’t use vinegar full strength if anyone recommends it. Acidic and can eat the finish. Dawn Power spray is good for greasy messes.

Easy Off is good, but I reserve that for caked on or burnt messes

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Oh ok. I wasn’t sure. I have power wash Dawn at home. I’ll just use that. I just wasn’t sure what I could use on this oven but I’ll use the Dawn. It makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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