My poor iron lungs tw?

3 1/2 days no weed what’s bothering me the most?? My sore lungs. It’s my fault but your lungs are trying to be telling you they had enough all that time you’re smoking/vaping. But they’re not able to talk to you until you actually quit. This is for heavy cannabis smokers mostly. I don’t smoke much nicotine anymore.

Gosh if I ever go back I’ll stick with edibles maybe


Ive never heard of cannabis messing up with your lungs maybe im ignorant on the topic. I went back to smoking weed sometimes even though i said i woudnt…if i relapse it will be my fault.

Smoking anything messes up your lungs. They aren’t supposed to have anything in them except air.


It does, I cought phlegm a lot when smoking weed, more than cigarettes. My old friend got pneumonia from smoking weed many times a day. Dr told him to stop smoking it but he doesn’t, its sad. Anyways I dumped him because he doesn’t believe that weed makes me psychotic and homicidal. He even told me to stop my meds and smoke weed, so ignorant.

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I dint get much issues with weed but my doctor said i should stop smoking it since im schizo. Ive met a girl who will see demons when she smoked it scary stuff.

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