My piss in the woods spot

Post a picture of your piss in the woods spot…every guys gotta have a piss in the woods spot :ghost:

I don’t piss indoors much, usually I go in here, surrounded by trees. OK I’m not sure if this is a normal thing but, the “wake up the next day as the opposite sex” thread inspired me to show my pissing spot. Sorry females, I doubt you have a piss in the woods spot, but you’re still free to post in this thread :slight_smile:

I’m waiting outside church for a friend and pissed in an empty bottle in his car :ghost:


I knew an alcoholic who would not leave his couch all day, just drink beer and piss in the empty bottles

Ah yes, when I drank I was pissing all the time.

Now caffeine is making me piss all the time.
I hate pissing.

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Strangely appropriate…


My friend reached for the bottle and without looking drank the piss!! I wasn’t in car to see, but he was like I just drank your piss!

Not joking ttp.

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I thought the saying was “if a tree fell in the forest and nobody was there, would it make a sound?”

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