My phone screen is scratched. So I put on a screen protector

I wish I’d done it when I got my phone. Then it wouldn’t have been scratched in the first place.

At least this should stop it getting worse.

I think there’s an issue with Xiaomi phone screens. This happened to my last Xiaomi too. The phone’s only a year old.


@everhopeful, sorry for that…
I plan buying xiaomi in future…
They are cheaper if they are basic…


Yeah sorry that this happened to you @everhopeful
Glad that you are protecting your phone from future damage


The 13 Ultra is supposed to be pretty good, but no word on the glass itself. I’ll have to look it up.

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They’re great phones, but consider getting a screen protector if you do !


My father owns one.
One of his is at bottom of river… :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what happened to my poor Samsung Galaxy S10+. I loved that phone and would still be using it if hadn’t gone to the bottom of a lake.

That sucks, mine is scratched up because I put it in my pocket with keys. I don’t really like my iPhone X. The iPhone 4 was the best.

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