My philosophy on work ethic

İ m working since 2011 without worries.and for my point of view in work ethic is as long as you feel good about someone exploit you, your work ethic became productive and eventually you become good worker.key point is feeling good about when some manager exploit your workforce.because inthe end exploiting not horrible thing. in nature everything is about exploiting some creature by another creature.a mother exploiting by her child and as long as this exploition productive and good, there will be great relationship between child and mother.same as your manager and long as you feel good about exploitation,your mood became productive and you are willingly work much more and that eventually makes you good worker.thats my 50 cent about work ethic

I read or saw a video of carrying, a full glass of water in office,

when the employee complained and complained to the HR,

how people acted towards this person,

so the HR handed a full glass of water and walk around the office and give it back to me,

with out spilling it.

So the person does if with all focus on the glass of water,

and gives back to the HR,

so the HR asked did you find any complains while you walked around?

The person said no.

Its all on what you focus on.

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Yes thats correct.thank you for sharing.but in my country full of workers don t want to work just because they don t want to exploited by managers and companies.but you are correct you have to focus job not other things


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