My Perspective on the Walmart Greeter Situation

Ok, so in the news there is a ton of talk about some disabled Greeters losing their jobs because we are switching from Greeters who simply say, “hi,” to Asset Protection Customer Hosts (APCH) who check receipts, assist with returns (pretty sure to try to prevent return fraud), etc.

Some of the requirements are you have to be able bodied and be able to lift 25 lbs.

Honestly at some stores I can see just having a Greeter, however, I can also see the side of needing a APCH as shoplifting and return fraud happen a lot.

At my store we NEED a APCH as our store is very high risk (lots of shoplifting, the cops being called to our store 6 times a day is not unheard of, we actually have a cop stationed at our store as well).

I mean, I am sad some people are losing their jobs but on the other hand people do not complain about Target for not having Greeters.

IDK, I can see both sides.

Also, as a side not at Walmart, you are not required to show your receipt to the APCH.

However, if you don’t Asset Protection (AP) may watch you next time you come in the store on the cameras (I know this may distress some people but I am not going to lie).

I show my receipt personally because I work there and it feels disrespectful note to.

I also have enough paranoia about the cameras and don’t want to give them reason to be suspicious.

This does NOT hold true at Costco or Sam’s Club as there you sign a membership contract stating that you will show your receipt or your membership will be terminated.

I used to work asset protection at Walmart :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


I was an assistant manager at Walmart for about 9 months. Thankless job. Never knew when you were going to be able to go home. Worked late nearly every day and had 12 hour shifts to start with. When they tried to put me on nights I quit.


I don’t handle receipts

because they’re toxic

I guess if they ask I’ll have to be under investigation.

Honestly we do get a lot of foot traffic, so they may not have time to watch you but it is a possibility.

As long as you don’t take anything that isn’t free without paying you should be good

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The Overnight for me is awesome because my store is closed at night so there are no customers.

I hate our customers they yell and are rude tbh, even when you try to help them.

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I eventually wanna be a APA, which I think is dumb of me to want but I still want it.


I’m confused, are you a Walmart greeter @Haldol?

No, I just work there as a Overnight Apparel Stocker.


What do you mean “they’re toxic”?

the ink. on your skin.

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Receipt ink transfers an unusually high amount of Bisphenol-A to the handler.

Cashiers will inadvertently consume between 300 and 5000 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight, when the FDA limit is 50000 nanograms.

Feels bad giving people another thing to worry about, but this is significant.

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That’s ridiculous. They should use nontoxic ink. We have to have that technology by now!


The store here has both, but they typically only check receipts if there is a significant number of purchases.

Thats interesting Daze i didnt know that !!!

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there was a woman in our town here who did cashier jobs all over town

she died at age 35

interestingly her son tried killing her husband cuz he wanted a settlement

he’ll be in prison awhile.

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sounds like trust is out of the window now :frowning:

we have these alarm things at doors that go off if somethings not been scanned but mistakes happen a lot and now we have self service tills you scan your items and pay for it yourself, we also have a security person at the door sometimes,

disabled people can work at some stores if they are able, if a shop has 2 ticks it means its disability friendly and you could actually be guaranteed an interview bc of it,

i tried to get a job at a store and i nearly did but i fkd myself when he asked me the last question ‘have you got any black holes in your cv’ i said i was sick for a while but have been doing well the last 3 years and that was enough to not get the job :frowning:

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That sucks that you didn’t get the job!

Hope you found something else!

not yet, i think i’m just going to volunteer until i have enough proof that i am capable, i had proof but i needed more and it needs to be specific things bc i would like a specific type of job,

i was talking with a project worker today about my future and what we can do, it was really interesting, i even got a print out of it to take home lol.

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