My period of really bad negative symptoms has abated a little. Think it is biological

It was so intense yesterday - just awful for 4 hours. Anyway it passed after a while.

@Andrey put in a lot of work and referenced some good articles about cbt for negative symptoms. I read these and they were helpful.

It seemed to me my case was slightly different from the case study. He had reached the wrong conclusions and thoughts about things. The case study didn’t think he was worthy of anything and he thought his days were bound to be boring.

I don’t think that. I don’t think I have any errors of thinking. More just a wave of poor attention and lack of engagement passes over me and there is nothing I can do about it. Crucially it resolves itself.

This makes me think it is mostly biological (by that I mean biochemical in the brain). I think my psychologist thought similar in that she thought cbt wouldn’t help me much. Kinda similar to like cbt wouldn’t help Parkinson’s disease. I think I just have to have patience and wait these bad periods out.


That’s great to hear Jim !! :star2:
It’s also crucial you don’t engage in a downward spiral of negative and defeatist beliefs. Try to bounce back as quickly and as strongly as possible after each such episode. If you can’t prevent them, at least don’t let them affect you long term :wink:


For sure. This goes to the heart of the matter. This is exactly what I need to do.

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