My pdoc won't take my sister

Well I think she’s the best but only takes referrals.

I’m just praying for her. She has doctors and all but they’re not doing anything for her and she’s not doing very well at all.

oh that’s awful @katwomansz can you commit her?

Are you able to call 911? Or 999?

She’s already been to hospitals.

I think it’s more depression with her and a spiritual crisis because she and her family does not believe in God at all.

And they’re blaming her for everything which just makes her feel worse and she is nonfunctional.

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go visit with her and be there for her? Is that possible? do you think that would help?

Can she not get a referral then?

My whole family has visited. My dad just yesterday.
I’ve visited many times and that husband of hers is actually a PhD and doesn’t understand mental illness just like society

Only from her psychologist and she and were in another county.
Thanks for let me vent guys maybe that’s why I showed up here.


Sorry to hear this. I hope everything turns out well for your sister.

Take care :v:

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