My pdoc was a jerk today

Really hurt my feelings he said that he would refer me to the desk and they would make another appointment — I over heard him saying I was frustrating and obese and too stupid to do appointments myself and that was the problem with his clients — really caught him out of character, I’m hurt and feel like an inch tall :disappointed_relieved:

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Are you sure he said this?
I would find someone else if it happened.

I’m sorry @Cloudd3ad


I’m sure — he was speaking with a student in the room with him and he didn’t realize I was still on the phone

Find someone else.
What a jerk.

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I can not wait until covid is over so I can get a job to assist losing weight

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I’m sorry that happened. That was very hurtful.

Sounds like a dick

I am lucky with mine. He genuinely cares.

My case manager is a prick though. I spoke with him about my appointment with the doctor for 30 mins, and then he said don’t you need to go to your doctors appointment

He might have dementia or something I don’t know. Feel bad for him as he has a heart condition

I put up with so much crap just being mentally ill I could give a flying eff about my weight…
Meh. He does not get how terrible I feel all day long.

However I forgive him


You need a new pdoc. Yours is a jerk

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I love my pdoc but if I overheard her say something like this, I would leave her immediately.

Mine is being a dick lately, I will change him soon.

That’s awful. Is there an organization you could report his dick weed azz to?

Mine has been very brave now that we do appointments online. But I still like him.


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My pdoc yelled at the top of his lungs at me my first time in a psych ward. He’s retired. I wanted to light him on fire for that. I don’t remember what it was about. I hope you get another pdoc. That’s uncalled for.

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Just remember what Smokey the Bear says.

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Lol that made me laugh. Thx for that.

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Try to use it as motivation…


Your pdoc’s unprofessional behavior reflects poorly on him, not on you. Even more so if he was speaking to a student and setting such a poor example of how to treat a patient. I suspect that his student was not impressed by his unprofessional behavior.

Can you change pdocs?


Ew. Definitely report him if possible and find someone else as well. Sorry he said such awful, untrue things.

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