My pdoc wants me to stop taking Melatonin

I go to psychiatric clinic for medical checkup yesterday. The pdoc found out that i had mild hypertension and he wants me to stop taking Melatonin. I had also ask him where can i get CBT but he seems not very interest to talk about it. What do you think?Should i see another pdoc?

I think if you’re able to shop around and you want to, you should go for it.

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my Pdoc says I SHOULD take melatonin, as it actually lowers blood pressure…if you take the right dose, too much will have the opposite effect…

Also my doc is trying to get my insurance to approve CBT but they are a federally licensed company and say they could lose their federal support if they pay for cannabis related meds…

I am taking 20mg at night. Is it too much? I had tried 10mg before but it’s not working. I couldn’t sleep…

I take two 5 Mg tablets myself, the recommended dose depends on body weight and metabolism

since I am a heavy guy, but I have a sow metabolic rate I take the melatonin to calm myself an hour before I go to bed, if I am still not sleepy by then I take a more powerful sedative, but that’s a prescription I have from my Pdoc because I suffer insomnia

I would suggest cutting down to 15MG if you can

Thanks for your input. I will try it tonight :slight_smile:

I do also have Melatonin. But i currently have 3 mg. I have been on 12 mg as most. In Sweden you need a special licence to have Melatonin. It is pure Melatonin. No tablets.

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