My PDOC sent me a voice message

and it was the most positive thing ever.

  1. She said my intelligence is not average or below average. From what she knows about me, it’s slightly higher. I thought I am very stupid, and it’s not truth. She said my intelligence is higher than my parents (as she knew me for a very long time, she had this chance to meet my parents too). :smiley: She said that quite in a funny way. (‘you outgrow your parents or smth’)
  2. She said I am very critical to myself. Overly critical. She said it’s time to start lovign myself again. :slight_smile: She said I think only 10% truth about myself. Most of the things I say to myself are not truth.
  3. Also she said, it’s normal to not feel like the best worker in work. Skills take time. She said I’ll be alright.
  4. She also asked to look at vraylar as a med in that way- only as a vitamin. She said she will prescribe one med for brain activity (concentration and memory) called Pramiracetam.
  5. She is glad I am both studying and working :slight_smile:
  6. Also asked to think about “Keto” diet, which is good for people which are quite depressed or had pscyhosis. Or have a tendency to be depressed or pscyhotic.
  7. She is very positive about my future. That’s so cool.
  8. and last, but not least, she asked to read books about narcissists. She want me to better understand my family dynamics…

This is some very good advice I think. I don’t know why sometimes it’s so hard to love ourselves.


Yeah and it not always comes easy…
I believe accepting and loving ourselves is a lifelong journey @Dude1

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You have a very caring doc. My doc doesn’t give a sh-it about me.

Pramiracetam is a nootropic. It should help you with studying.

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Great doctor. Your lucky!

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She said something similar, that it should help with studies and work :wink: I hope it will help

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I know I know :slight_smile: @FreeLunch

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Hi @BringMeCoffee, how are you feeling today?

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Today actually quite not bad,

Though I am repeating for myself again that meds are crucial to me @Zoe :confused: yesterday I was hallucinating a bit

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Sorry to hear that Bringmecoffe

It’s good you’re feeling a bit better

Are you taking only abilify now.

Abilify rocks lol

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Well I will take both vraylar and ablify again now :confused:

But I will be very clear with my pdoc that vraylar is simply not effective for me, and probably I’ll stay only on ablify

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Oh okay you do what feels best for you. Yea it might be dangerous to just come off vraylar cold turkey!!!

Good point.

Hope things continue to get better for you.

Are you gonna see your pdoc soon?

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I wish the best for you, too :heart:

Also worked out some things with my bf… Hope soon the argument will end;

Ohh I am gona see her only on the beginning of march. On march 4 if I remember it clearly;
But I will chat with her on messenger

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OK cool. Sounds alright

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