My pdoc is sneaky in a good way

So he knows I’ve been struggling with quiting cigarettes and schedulled an appointment with a psychologist for me to quit smoking, followed by group therapy.

I don’t know how I’ll like group therapy, I’m not into sharing personally with strangers in real life. I’m not amused but I’m impressed he did it.

He’s a good pdoc. I’m a bad patient.

Not looking forward to it.

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What happened with your ecig?

Doesn’t have enough nicotine and I haven’t bothered to go to the store ask for more. Feels like I’m overstepping

It would be better than smoking cigarettes, just offer to pay extra. I need not talk, I bought some cigarettes earlier, I’ve had a pack of 10 everyday for the past week, need to stop this.

I kind of feel like quitting smoking is the ultimate test of where our coping skills are at. Like could we handle a crisis, could we stay calm in bad times, could we go through with a tough decision. Trying to quit smoking will tell you that in a heartbeat. I personally am still seriously lacking in the coping department, although I am down to 4 a day instead of a pack.

It’s really hard to quit. I feel your pain. I smoked one, it was immediate for me to smoke another afterwards.

And @Turnip, last time I quit I had terrible shakes, uncontrollable anger, but yeah, I was unmedicated too and a little psychotic so it figures the two things don’t mix. I need to quit, but I don’t really want to. Sending me to group therapy I feel is counter productive. But maybe I’m wrong.

Well hey maybe you will find a lot of people there feel the exact same way. I think few people are ever really happy and excited about quitting smoking, because it blows.

I think it’s because I quit drugs and alcohol on my own. I figure I can quit smoking too.

You probably could, knowing you. But maybe your pdoc thinks this is an opportunity for you to take your coping skills to the next level. That’s my guess as to why he pulled in the psychologist and support group, probably feels confident you’re ready to learn more.

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That makes sense. Still not amused with it. lol… It will pass once it’s over, I might even like it.

Ask them what their success rate is for helping people quit and stay quit. If it’s just 1% or something then don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work.

Under no circumstances do hypnosis with this shrink.

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I did quit smoking successfully, soon nine months without smoking, but I still struggle with nicotine which is why I have some nicotine gum sometimes, I know you can quit smoking, but nicotine is another thing …

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Yeah, I puff the e-cig.

whats your setup?