My pdoc didn't want to think about it

Just like sometimes topics on this forum get too hot to handle, my pdoc refused to consider my problems. Very frustrating and I wound up thinking no one is going to ever be able to help me. I’m alone in the world of sincerity.


They don’t care about your problems. They only care about how you’re responding to meds.

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This was back in the day before there were a lot of meds and a pdoc did analysis like a therapist…


They should care about problems I feel like we would have a better prognosis if they did

I agree. But today that seems to be the job of the therapist/psychologist.

True but psychiatrists should try harder imho

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While your pdoc may not be doing all that s/he should, please don’t ever feel like you are alone. There are a lot of people of the forum who support you and understand what you are going through. You have a whole community of support right at your fingertips.


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