My pdoc asked me how I explained my lack of a penis

There weren’t enough to go around.

Sorry if this seems a bit vulgar, but from my experience, they are sometimes highly over rated and they can cause more trouble then they are worth.

Especially when they want to do the thinking for us.

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Maybe I should have said, “Why don’t you explain it to me. You’re the doctor.”

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to beautiful chordy,
i always read your posts as they always make me think, you have a very abstract mind, like a picasso painting, it takes me a while to work it out.
i mean this in a good way.
take care

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I would like to have known you as a child, though you say childhood wasn’t good for you.

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I would have said It broke off.
A ■■■■■ isn’t important to own, because with what you have now, you can get as many of 'em as you want.

Luck of the draw i suppose.

It’s on-loan to the Smithsonian.