My pdoc added an antidepressant to my meds cocktail

Its called citalopram but I’m reluctant to take it because I’m already on three other meds. Don’t know what to do. Do I really need so many meds?? I still get denial of my illness.

My pdoc said I’m sabotaging myself - that I deny something is wrong with me - not because of lack of insight but whilst I know something is wrong with me.

Because I asked him repeatedly on WhatsApp if I have sza, and when I saw him on Monday past, I asked him is my illness really serious? So he said what do I think? I was confused but laughed and said maybe…

But do I really need a fourth med? Isn’t it a bit too much? I’m worried I’m making it all up, that I’m a hypocrite and faking it.

I take:
Clozapine AP
Lamotrigine Mood stabilizer
Zoloft AD
Concerta for ADD
Amitriptyline for sleep

I only ever took an SSRI as a treatment for anxiety.

Pregabalin works better for me.

You never know if it will help unless you try it.

You’re not faking anything. If you feel you are you need to think about where you are now compared to when you were not in treatment

It is so hard to do. My parents remind me what happens a lot, but when I get sick from SZ I literally have a very patchy memory of what happens in hospital etc as I am so out of it

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citalopram was my first medication, it’s a good anti-depressant from what I’ve read. Didn’t really work for me though. Escitalopram is very very similar but worked better for me