My pdcos say

I want to leave my boyfriend because I no longer love him but my 3 pdoc don’t want to,they say that I won’t be able to live alone.
We no longer have sex and everything is critical of my body,also I had sex with other guy.
My family doesn’t want me to live with them, they want me to continue with my boyfriend.
I don’t know how to scape of this situation because right now my laboral situation is complicated.I need help.thank you.

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What is your own opinion about living alone then?

I think that I would have problems because I’ve been in couple for 17 years and I smoke a lot and drink sometimes

I’m a litlle self-destructive

Maybe the other guy would like you to move together then?

I dont think its fair on you or him to be in a relationship when you not happy , i dont know why the pdocs say what they say , i feel the decision should be yours and your partners


He doesn’t want to know anything about me

Yes,I begin to think that it’s a conspiracy

I don’t understand why pdocs,family and friends don’t want to leave my boyfriend if I’m not happy in this relationship.I’m alone in this.

I don’t understand why people help you and after dissapearing how if we were the worst

Could you find a female friend to live with? I used to put ads in the paper that said “Female looking for female roommate.” It got good results.

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I would prefer to live alone but thank you chordy

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I’m on horrible vacations with my boyfriend,he is doing me my life imposible.I told him to break the relationship and he told me terrible things like a would have a cancer and would be a fat woman and things like that,.I think these days are the last days with him.sorry for my english

Which country are you from @Mary2?

That sounds so miserable. Anyone’s worth more than that.

Spain 151515151515

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Thank you, I think I deserve more

He told me that I would have a cancer from smoking if I was going to live alone and I would be fat as a cow without him

Blackmailer 15151515

have you considered doing assisted living? That sounds like it would be a good fit for you and would let you leave your bf. Don’t agree w doctor wanting you to stay in a loveless toxic relationship.

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