My partner's aunt treats me better

my partner’s aunt treats me better than my mother in law and sometimes better than my own aunts. she said she considers me like a daughter and that i am so sweet and she loves me and stuff like that. she is easier to talk to them some people in this house. currently we have 13 people staying here, 5 dogs, two birds, two lizards, 2 cats and a rabbit. its complicated


13 people? Ouch I hope you are dealing with it ok and get some alone time still. I don’t think I could handle 13 people in my house…

i only get time alone at night, when my partner is at work and i am back in the apartment. most of the people are rude kids that don’t understand how lucky they are to get food in their bellies everyday. my partner’s aunt and uncle are looking for a house for the family of 6 but so far they just aren’t interested in moving out since if they do they have to grow up