My partner is mad at me

I told my partner I applied for some part time jobs and she yelled at me. She said I’m going to screw up my SSI. But I think I’m not going to get approved for SSI after they are done with my review its been 5 months.

No news is good news. You are still getting paid.

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They only deduct a percentage of your check depending on how much you earn. If you want to be active I’d say go for it. You will end up with more money than just the SSI alone.
Anyway, this is the first time I’ve heard of any discord between you and your partner. So that’s just real to know.:slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a lot of people applying for benefits. So that means a longer wait. Your partner may be right because SSI initially is for disabled people who can’t work. If you have a job they just might think, “Why would we give her SSI if she already has a job and is able to work?” But if you aren’t working and get approved you can relax for awhile and collect benefits and then get a job later.

In Romania (my beautiful country) you can work and still have benefits, but only part time jobs


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