My partner hasn't said anything

My partner hasn’t said anything but I know my lack of self care has bothered her. So for the last three days I have showered, brush my teeth and soaked my dentures (yes I’m thirty years old with false teeth)

Tomorrow morning I’m really going to surprise her…I shaved my legs which I haven’t done in a really long time. I used the last of my best soap to wash today .

I prefer men’s soaps and deodorant. When I was growing up my mom seldom bought self care except really cheap deodorant. So I could use my dad’s body wash and cologne. I’m weird

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Have you thought of putting $5 or $10.00 or more aside each month that could go towards getting out of there? Maybe you could stash it somewhere so that the in-laws never find it. If they found out they might be furious and maybe even take it but if you put it in safe place they might never be none the wiser.


well done sister !! pampering is always a good idea.

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I honestly have 33.34 in a sock under my dresser. My partner knows about and said it’s ok to save up together. I had more money saved up but I had Jasper and Kaisei’s vet check up earlier this month

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Thank you @jukebox! I hope I continue to feel well

That’s okay @cbbrown. I feel you on that. I’m good at showering but brushing my teeth and wearing the same clothes everyday is where I have issues. But Jasper and Kaisei are lucky to have you.

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