My parents were a missmatch

One was a cultured European, the other, a deprived early American. They were miserable together.

yeah, me parents were a mismatch also. The difference was that my dad really was into living his file to the fullest and my mom was very religious. she still is. But I think, my dad changed a lot over the years. where were you born?

In the USA…

but I think love conquers all. if you love someone, you make a compromise. did your parents love each other at least? my parents fought all the time for everything!! food, people, work, everything!!!

My parents were silent. It was difficult to know anything about their actual relationship.

It’s hard to say if my parents were mismatched or if they’re perfect for each other. They both came from uneducated and abusive families. I see so much personality in my dad that he shoves away in order to continually appease my narcissistic mother. So sad and such a waste of life in my opinion. I’m learning that people can become so codependent that they continue in the relationship to basically survive.

My dad is one of the most successful people I know regarding his career. However he was pretty unprepared and lax about everything else. He’d travel a lot leaving my mom to take care of the 4 of us.

Ah good times. They’re divorced now, so mismatched… yeah.

My Dad is Spock and my Mom is Mary Poppins…

The genes split right down the middle when I was born. My whole life I didn’t know whether to start my own business or write a fabulous song and dance musical!


MY father had a dominant mother and my mother had a father who b*ggered off when she was about 7. Neither one wanted to be dominated by the other . Sparks flew.

So were mine but they lasted 25 years before they got divorced. My dad was a rough and tumble alcoholic with a high school education and didn’t grow up with a lot of money. My mom grew up in an affluent household and had ALMOST 4 years of college. My dad was exceptionally smart though. But yeah, they were worlds apart and fought a lot, especially about how to raise and discipline us kids. They both remarried.

My parents were male and female. It doesn’t get more mismatched then that lol.

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Considering my parents marriage no wonder i turned pathologically attached to whoever shows interests.
Father was a walking Oedipus complex and mum was desperately romantic country girl who realized after three marriages that only Jesus understands woman’s hearth.
He was physically aggressive, she was hysterical. They were throwing dishes and books to eachother and dramatically slaming the doors. She had bruises. He lost some of his hair. I got advantage of situation and did my thing.

It’s actually interesting how small places with Christian/ patriarchal/ right wing majority tend to praise the women for their “ability” to endure a bad marriage as long as possible. Martyrdom.
so they got two images and no space in between: Mother of God or Mary Magdalene.