My parents said that i don’t care about my bunnies

I told them how i was feeling and that i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i was feeling really bad about living and not wanting to do anymore therapy and they kept interrogating me and telling me that i didn’t care about my bunnies.


Your parents are out of line. I’m sorry that they’re being like that :frowning:

They don’t even try to understand. They just keep saying get my act together. My Dad said “if only u cared about ur bunnies like we care about u.” Im tired of listening to them about anything going on with me. They won’t understand and them telling me that i dont care about my bunnies because im depressed ■■■■■■■ sucked

That’s just ignorant. Straight up. Loving something doesn’t cure suicidal ideation. If it did parents would never suffer.

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They just want you to get better. They think therapy will help. I think therapy can be helpful if you find something that works for you. Take anti depressants and do therapy till you get better enough so your parents don’t have to worry.

Sounds like they are worried and trying to reach you but maybe they don’t know how. Sorry if they upset you, unfortunately people don’t always know the right things to say.

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If I were you I would take what they say as constructive criticism. I would question “DO I care about my bunnies”, “Jeez, maybe their right, I need to be on guard”.

Your bunnies are precious, they benefit from that kind of mindset. You will be more sensitive to their needs if you have a bit of paranoia about them.

This doesn’t work for everyone, but my cat saved my life. I had horrific suicidal ideation when I found him as a kitten. I had made several attempts on my life. But when I had him to care for - it’s not like those feelings went away, but they were relegated behind the need to make sure he was safe and healthy.

In a sense, it didn’t matter that I saw nothing intrinsically worthwhile in myself. My worth was in caring for and being a companion to this cat. I knew that there were other people who would care for him if I were gone, but it got to the point where I didn’t want someone else to feed and love him, I wanted to be the one who did it. For a long while, he was my reason to stay alive.

Your parents said a horrible thing to you. I think, though, that this was probably the concept they were trying to convey. If you don’t see yourself as worth living for, sometimes what helps is to have something more important than you to live for instead. The sense of meaning, of purpose, can be a strong antidote to depression and suicidal ideation.


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