My parents are unique people

No wonder I came out to be unique myself. I realize now how unique my parents are.

Maybe everyone is truly unique from an inside point of view. An outside point of view people seem the same.

But I see my parents as more unique than I ever saw them before. Especially working delivering pizzas in my home town. My dad is a bit of a loner kinda to an extent. And he’s nothing like these dads I deliver to I feel. Maybe some. But engineers are usually pretty down to earth for real smarty pants. Maybe that’s all it is…

And my mom is just the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Like at least that’s how it seems to me. My mom is almost nice to a fault. And she’s fairly glamorous too. The moms I deliver to aren’t like her totally.

One thing I don’t like about my parents. They don’t see through people at all. I feel sz or something will often reveal true personalities of other people. People who are douchebags would show off their inner douchebag in my presence I felt due to sz.

And my parents will be like “isn’t he such a great guy”. But really I see through him. Because I saw how he treats the mentally ill.

And I’m not just an object, I’m a person. Despite certain people believing me to be an object, and my parents to be people.

Garnering a different response to them.

Discuss I guess

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I have been involved with my parents for 63 years now and they are both in their 80’s. I have many thoughts and opinions about them. My parents are also very unique in my opinion. My whole character is a mixture of traits from both of them, and also traits that seem to be new and not from them. There are many conflicts. I have come to know that I love them both and I will miss them when they die. Both of them have been good for me since I got my illness.

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