My parents are getting old


Their age seems to have caught up with them these last two years. The nap often, like old people do. Dad was a trained plumber and used to do all the plumbing in our houses. But now he gets someone in.

I feel it’s very important for me to take my meds because I don’t think my folks could cope with another psychotic break.


my folks are getting older also. im optimistic they still have another 20 years left. last night my dad was too tired to drive home. mom had to do it. they also can’t get through a day without napping.


My parents are in their sixties now. My mom still works at the hospital and my dad is on disability. He used to work on everything that broke down. He still does some of that stuff but they’ve paid for a few things to be repaired. I have become aware of them slowing down though. I try and help out as much as possible to lessen the load on them around the house.


My dad is 65 and suffers from arthritis but he still works all the time


Yeah, I’m not sure my parents would be able to deal with me if I had another psychotic break, so here’s hoping I don’t have one.


my mum just powers on despite everything, we need to help her a lot though, she is deaf/blind but can see/hear a little, she is waiting on a guide dog and my sister and i are helping her decorate.


Yeah when I asked to lower my medications with my doctor, she cautioned me that I couldn’t afford to become psychotic in a house shared by my elderly folks.


My mom is 83 and my dad is 85. They are in great shape mind and body. My mom has a broken leg and she’s on the go in her wheelchair and soon will be walking around again.
That doesn’t make me less worried. I often hope they outlive me. They have much life to live.


I wonder what would happen to me if my parents weren’t able to care for me during a psychotic break.

Eventually they will be dead. That is why I make a point to go to the gym every day. Next to taking my meds cardio is the 2nd best thing for my SZA.


My mum is dead. My father is 88. He’s in as good health as can be expected for his age.
We share a common interest in tracing our family tree that neither my mum did nor my brother and sister do.


My mother has passed, no idea who my father is. Wife has a father, 86, and a mother, 73. Her father is developing dementia. I’m now the one who is dealing with it more and more as I am closest. This has not been good for my own stability.


I liked all post in this thread.
My mother is sixty years old, and she doesn’t understand that yet. I worry about her.


i nap more than my parents lol i must be an old man in a young mans body :sunny:


My mum is 59 and a workaholic. She has her own business. My dad is 60 and works 2 days a week. They are divorced. I hope that they live a long life as I only have one sister who lives abroad.


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