My parents and my behavriol therapist want me to go to a football game

This isn’t going to be easy. The stadium holds like 55,000 people. I’m am afraid everyone is going to look at me.


Good luck 1515151515


I also don’t like being in big crowds, but before corona I went to a Hans Zimmer concert and everything turned out alright. Just give it a go!


Which game are you watching?

I hope you handle it well and that you enjoy the game. I don’t like big crowds either. That would be really hard on me. Do you have a prn you can take to help you out a bit


best of luck with it! i hope you will have a nice time =)

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I can only imagine 55000 people looking at the same time at me and it’s terrifying.

In reality it’s not like that

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It’s ironic you feel everybody is going to look at you because probably nobody is going to look at you.


Honestly you’ll probably find once you’re there you’ll find theres little to worry about. No ones gonna talk to you or give you a second glance. A lot of social anxiety is our imagination thinking about worst case scenarios. Hope it goes okay for you.

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Hey man! How did it go? Did you go?

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