My parent wants me to stop vaping/cigarette

My father cried when he knew I smoked.Its the first time he cried infront of me in 28 years of my life,that’s two years ago.Now I am still vaping,it’s hard to quit because when your not busy you just don’t know what to do…I felt I disappointed them :frowning:


You may quit for them or keep vaping because of nicotine withdrawal. I’ve got no experience in quitting successfully. When my mother caught me she had a problem with the nicotine, so I asked her if I can continue with 0 mg and she agreed. I bought 0 mg just to show her but continue vaping 3 mg.

She has not been hooked on nicotine so she can’t understand what it’s like for nicotine to get me.

If you’re an adult then your dad shouldn’t be telling you what to do, much less guilting you with tears. I get that your dad loves you but vaping isn’t a moral test. When you quit, it should be for you on your terms.

This is how I feel, so you have my apologies if it seems asymmetric.

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You’re married now. If you want to vape then vape. You’re no longer a child.

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Sorry,didn’t mean to disrupt you all.I guess I am bored that’s why I posted

Nicotine has its advantage also.It made feel relax somehow

Nicotine is a crutch. It’s anti-inflammatory in the short term but breaks your blood-brain barrier down long term. Strongly suggest tapering to nicotine free vaping. Make sure the vape juice doesn’t have Vitamin E Acetate in it also, that will give you popcorn lung.

I think Vegetable Glycerine is the cleanest.

I’ve been trying to quit on and off for a long time now.
It’s tough, but maybe you’ll quit when you are ready.

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Thanks.I think we should take out time,will be quit when time is right I think

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Smoking wasn’t so bad in VA at 5.50 a pack. Here in CA it’s 10.25 a pack. My motivation for quitting is purely financial. I consider smoking half a pack in a day instead of a full one a victory.

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Champix/chantix works for some. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Didn’t even finish the course but this was before vaping…If you want to give up nicotine then ask your doc to try it. It’s a good agonist for nicotine and I can vouch for it but it can make some sick early. Yes you can get side effects but over here it’s like now up to $30 for a pack of 20’s. It’s ridiculous.

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When I think about the things I could have purchased with the money that literally went up in smoke it makes me want to cry. Honestly I think it’s just an excuse to get outside and walk around. Maybe I could just go outside and walk around for five minutes every hour without a cigarette in my hand, but somehow that seems insane to me. It would definitely be better though.


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