My paranoia is ramping up again

Im constantly thinking someone will go through my phone or put a tracker or something like that in it without my knowledge. To where they can see everything i type and say or what sotes i go to. It was getting better for awhile now its slowly increasing again. I hate this.


I’m sorry you are going through this. You might need a med increase. Will you see a psych doctor anytime soon?

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I can call about meds on monday morning but its a first come first serve. So I hope that i can get in. My next scheduled appointment isnt until the 23rd. Along with paranoia im dealing with homicidal ideation pretty frequently.

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I think it would be good to call on Monday. You could tell them about the paranoia and ideation. They might be able to help you out. I hope you can get in soon. Until then it’s good you are here on this forum so you can not be alone with your thoughts.

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I will tell them. It just seems like everything is seeping out of my mind again. And i just switched to third shift so luckily i can come on here instead of sitting alone with everything going on. I was doing so good, why is it coming back?

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Maybe a change in your sleeping pattern? Is your job really stressful? I know those two things really effect my mental health.

Its a new job and tonight is my first night. Not really stressful but new to 3rd shift. I get stressed easily though. Im hoping i can handle this job. Im also fighting for disability too. Im the only one who can work due to kids being in online classes. So my wife is home with them. I just got out of the hospital last month.

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Well, having a new job and being the sole breadwinner might be enough to bring some of your symptoms back. I hope you get your disability soon.

Yeah, and my wife deals with mental illness as well and so i try to contain contain contain and be happy. I hope i get it too. Its been 7 months and no real word yet.

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I don’t think it is possible to put a tracker in your phone via telephony (i.e. the speaking and listening part of phone). But you phone could become infected with a virus that tracks or records your voice via the internet or email attachment.

However, I think that there are android and iPhone apps to see if you have such a virus in your phone – yes. Please google “google play” and then search for antivirus.

I am not using an antivirus application myself but I think that any of them would be likely to be able to find malware (including tracking software) if it had been installed on your phone.

Thats a good idea thank you. Ive just had my phone looked through while i was sleeping so im worried when i sleep an app will be installed on my phone by someone.

I used to use AVG, before I bought an anti-virus program (about 20 usd a year). AVG has a free version and it is available for Android. Or pick one at random that has good reviews. If you are worried, you can just run a check.

There are also “online (anti)virus scanners” that I think are free. I think an online scanner would require that you connect your phone to your pc for a few hours. The website will tell you if there is anything suspicious on your phone. I used to use Trend Micro Housecall but there are others now it seems.

Why would they put a tracker on your phone lol. thats funny. No one is going care what you type, theres no tracker on your phone, its just simple delusion. thats all.

People put trackers on other people’s devices so that they can record their key-presses, steal their passwords, identities and eventually their (or their friends’) money. If they get your Facebook or gmail password for instance, they can contact your contacts to say “I am stuck somewhere can you send me 50 dollars for a train ticket” (I got that email a few times).

I think, and Niko thinks it is probably a delusion too, but it does not make it go away.

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Well it’s understandable. People read all my texts and online posts. I have to be cautious and it’s annoying.

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